The Scinapse Pro Plan has finally launched!🎉

The Scinapse Pro Plan has finally launched
Over the past few years, through Scinapse, we have strived to solve various problems researchers faced in the field. However, the simple keyword-based search by the existing Scinapse platform and other academic search engines were ineffective in solving these issues.
We aim to enable researchers to dedicate more efficiently to their work by dramatically reducing the time and resources needed for research. In response to these challenges, we have created specialized tools through Scinapse Pro that assist users in exploring the research ecosystem and discovering valuable insights, beyond simple paper searches.
Today, with the launch of the Scinapse Pro Plan, which was developed in our beta service & merged with Scinapse.io, we are taking a step forward into the future of research.
Scinapse Pro is designed to go beyond typical search, providing data and statistical analysis related to research, enabling easy understanding of trends without having to read the entire paper. With these advanced features, we aim to provide you with a whole new experience.
For this, we utilized everything from traditional data statistical methods to AI technologies to extract and compile data from papers, creating meaningful information, which we now aim to deliver to researchers through Scinapse Pro.
Research Intelligence
Scinapse Pro includes two new features: Research Intelligence and Expert Finder.
Research Intelligence focuses on analyzing research papers in specific fields.
With Research Intelligence, you can understand the latest trends in specific fields and identify leading researchers at the current moment. Using our unique calculation methods and filters, we offer analysis results specific to your needs.
Expert Finder is for discovering experts based on research papers.
Using Expert Finder, you can quickly find researchers related to specific research fields. This feature helps find not just well-known but currently active and influential experts. The Country filter also allows you to find experts who are nearby.
Scinapse Pro, with these new features, will be offered as a paid plan.
The existing paper search function by Scinapse will continue to be available for free. Thank you for your continued interest and feedback.
We will continue to work hard to provide better services in the future.
Thank you.
The Pluto Labs Team