Scinapse Beta 1.4 - Aug 14, 2023


New features

In this update, we improved the usability of the Research Explorer.
We've fixed some of the pain points of setting up Analytics Targets and made individual filters more easy to access.

(1) You can now add custom papers to Analytics Targets in Research Explorer

You can add up to 500 papers to your Research Analytics Targets.
This feature allows you to add and analyze papers that you might not have been able to add through filters.

(2) Undo / Redo

We now support undo and redo to make complex filter manipulations easier.
These functions are also available as keyboard shortcuts undo(Ctrl+Z / ⌘+Z), redo(Ctrl+Y / ⌘+Shift+Z)

(3) You can change the label of each filter

Until now, as your filters grew in number and complexity, it wasn't easy to see what information each filter showed.
Now you can name each of your filters to keep each one organized.

Bug fixes & improvements

Improved the overall readability of the Data Table.
We've enhanced the save logic to also save the filter's on/off state.
Bug fixes and improved usability and stability in Research Explorer.