About Our Data

Scinapse actively utilizes AI technology to perform comprehensive analyses of academic data.
Analysis of relationships and similarities between papers
Analysis of relationships and similarities between authors
Identification of research fields and agendas of papers
and more …
Through these analyses, Scinapse enables rapid insight acquisition from academic data. This service is globally unique and distinguishes itself from competitors who analyze mere paper texts.

Data Processing

 AI-based Field Analysis
Artificial intelligence is employed to accurately and consistently assess each paper’s research agenda, resulting in highly relevant search results.
This efficient process allows for the quick identification of related papers, with each paper averaging over 15 specific fields.
 High Accuracy Author Disambiguation
Scinapse employs a proprietary algorithm to accurately identify authors, taking into account factors such as the research’s affiliations, the timing of paper publications, and citation relationships.
This system offers superior accuracy compared to other platforms such as Scopus or Web of Science. Furthermore, the algorithm is designed to continuously learn and refine its precision over time.
 Detailed Researcher Profiles
Scinapse goes beyond merely presenting an h-index to gauge an author’s influence. Instead, it refines the measure of influence based on criteria such as primary authorship, article type, and publication year. This approach provides a clearer understanding of a researcher’s impact and allows for tracking changes in influence over time. Identification of Research Trends
Scinapse offers more than just citation metrics. By analyzing real-time citation relationships within specific fields of interest, our platform enables users to effortlessly identify influential papers and researchers, as well as track evolving trends over time.
 Data Integrity Verification
We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data and integrity. We diligently filter out errors and suspicious data to eliminate noise from research. Our stringent verification processes are designed to continue to enhance the storage and reliability of information, ensuring that data remains accurate and trustworthy.

Continuous data Source Updates by Experts

Data experts are consistently searching for & adding new, up-to-date data sources. Our team extracts useful information and verifies its reliability to ensure the delivery of valuable data.
8.4M + Processed analysis data (monthly)
37M + Generated analysis data (monthly)

Data sources

We collect extensive data through open data providers and our proprietary web crawling program.
Microsoft Academic Graph ( for papers published before December 31st, 2021 )
Pluto Labs’ web spider

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Scinapse covers

99% + SCIE Journal Coverage
290.6K + Influential Scientific Experts
38.8K + Trending Research Fields

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Why the Scinapse Database?

Scinapse goes beyond being just an academic database that delivers data. We are dedicated to uncovering and elucidating the underlying relationships and hidden meanings within research data. At Plutolabs, we are committed to driving scientific advancement by providing a database that not only informs but also inspires discovery.