Scinapse Beta 1.3 - Aug 1, 2023


New features

In this update, we've focused on improving the usability of the Research Explorer. We’ve simplified accessing a paper and analyzing data, and it's easier to see what information each piece of data holds.

(1) You can export as much raw paper data as you want

You can now export up to 10,000 papers from the exploration set. Also, get a CSV of the top papers and various metrics from the analyze tab.

(2) A more organized view of paper information in Research Explorer

Previously, the paper table had many columns, and a lot of infrequently used information, as well as a jumbled order of displayed data, making it difficult to verify that you've built the right paper set.
Now, we provide a concise paper table with only the information you need to verify your papers.

(3) You can share and duplicate Research Explorations

When you are sent a URL to someone else's Research Exploration, you can view it and start your own new Research Exploration.

Bug fixes & improvements

Clicking on an autocompleted result in a research entity search, such as author search or paper search, does not take you to the entity, but shows a preview.
Bug fixes and improved usability and stability in the Research Explorer.
Numbers are abbreviated for convenience (i.e. 1.2 k). You can see the exact number by hovering over the number.