Why Scinapse?

"Does it still take you more than a day to find the paper you want?”
Are you tired of manually searching through countless papers to find the ones you need during the literature review (Literature Review) stage of finding and analyzing prior papers?
Unlike traditional paper search services that only offer simple keyword-based searches, Scinapse provides results and data that reflect user relevance, the impact of papers and journals, and more in a multidimensional way. By automatically analyzing the paper data explored by users quickly and providing insights, Scinapse significantly reduces researchers' time and enhances research efficiency by quickly finding papers that suit their purposes.
Reduce the time spent searching for necessary papers and data, and discover new insights for better research and business!

Scinapse offers

Find experts in specific research areas with real influence using keywords
Search and analyze necessary prior studies quickly and easily
Comparative analysis of each researcher's achievements and influence
Understanding research trends in specific fields

Scinapse Data Coverage

Number of Papers 174,300,000+
Number of Journals 50,000+