Scinapse 2.0 - Jan 11, 2024

The Scinapse Pro Plan has finally been launched
Over the past few years, through Scinapse, we have strived to solve various problems researchers faced in the field. However, the simple keyword-based search by the existing Scinapse platform and other academic search engines were ineffective in solving these issues.
We aim to enable researchers to dedicate more efficiently to their work by dramatically reducing the time and resources needed for research. In response to these challenges, we have created specialized tools through Scinapse Pro that assist users in exploring the research ecosystem and discovering valuable insights, beyond simple paper searches.
Today, with the launch of the Scinapse Pro Plan (hereinafter referred to as Scinapse Pro), we are taking a step forward into the future of research.
Scinapse Pro is designed to go beyond typical search, providing data and statistical analysis related to research, enabling easy understanding of trends without having to read the entire paper. With these advanced features, we aim to provide you with a whole new experience. Scinapse Pro, your partner in bettering research. Thank you.

New features

In Scinapse Pro you can experience insightful data like never before with filter sets that offer both depth and variation.

/ Research Intelligence

- Basic Explorer

Research Intelligence #1
Research Intelligence #2
Research Intelligence is a powerful filter feature that allows you to create groups of papers of interest and then statistically analyze these groups to gain insights. This enables you to quickly identify research trends in a specific field and determine which researchers are influential, without the need to read each paper individually.

- Advanced Explorer

Research Intelligence #3
Interested in setting your analysis targets more precisely?
Try using the Advanced Explorer! It provides you with various filters needed to organize papers to be analyzed, and combinations of these filters [And, Or, Not, Grouping] are all customizable!

/ Expert Finder

Are you searching for experts in a specific research field? Discover specialists in your area of interest with Expert Finder! No more random paper searches or asking around for expert recommendations.
In Expert Finder you can use unique filters not found in other services, such as [Is Active Researcher], [(current) Country], [Research Field]. Whether you're exploring unfamiliar areas or just starting your research, Expert Finder makes it easy to search for local experts, or the most authoritative expert in a field globally. Explore and find the perfect experts to suit your needs.

/ Paper Search (New)

The Paper Search tool has been updated and returned with a variety of filters to make your search more efficient.
You can find impactful and influential papers within a specific field instantly, just by combining Keyword searches with Field and other filters.

- Paper List View

Depending on your needs, you can choose how to explore Paper List and change the view of the list. If it's a Paper List from a familiar field, use the Simple View to quickly glance over a lot of information. If it's unfamiliar, take your time to examine in depth with Detail View.

Bug fixes & improvements

We have fixed various bugs and improved our UI.
The design has been enhanced for better visibility of graphs.
We are continuously working to keep up to date with the latest data. (Please bear with us…!)