Scinapse Beta 1.7 - Nov 10, 2023


New features

We focused on improving the overall usability and UI. Here’s what’s new.

(1) Improved author search.

A variety of filtering functions have been added! Explore authors based on your desired criteria. You can find out which authors are actively involved in a specific research field.
The filtered list of authors can be downloaded as a CSV file, with a maximum of 10,000 entries. Additionally, the UI has been standardized with a design similar to Research Analytics.

(2) Filtering by article type is now available in the top paper list.

In the "Papers" tab of Research Explorer and Research Analytics, you can now filter the top 100 papers by specific publications. Allowing for a more refined view of the top papers based on their specific types.

(3) The trend graph now includes a feature to adjust the year range.

You can specify the year range for the trend graph in the "Trends" tab of Research Explorer and Research Analytics. Adding a valuable level of customization where users can tailor their searches to focus on the specific time frames relevant to the popularity trends in each field.

Indicator updates

We added some new indicators to the "Authors" tab in Research Explorer and Research Analytics.

(1) Normalized hh-index (generalized hh-index)

hˉ=hN\bar{h} = \frac{h}{N} (NN : represents the total number of papers authored by the individual)
The traditional hh-index may not be a suitable indicator for researchers who are just starting their research career. The Normalized hh-index allows individuals to gauge the proportion (%) of their actual papers contributing to their hh-index. This provides a more nuanced and fair assessment.
This applies to the top 20 authors specifically.

(2) hh-index trend graph

Visualize the annual hh-index trend of the top 7 authors.

Bug fixes & improvements

The UI of the search page has been revamped to resemble Research Analytics, providing a more consistent and familiar experience across the platform.
In Research Analytics, you now have the ability to sort target papers. Additionally, any fields added to the filters are displayed in bold for easier identification.
Make modifications by clicking on each keyword filter in Research Analytics.
A tooltip has been incorporated into the "Authors" tab of Research Explorer and Research Analytics, providing additional guidance for users.