Scinapse Beta 1.1 - June 22, 2023


New features

(1) Main Search across Scientific Entities

Discover Search! Now, you can access Research Explorer, papers, authors, journals, and fields all in one convenient location.
Explore trends, research fields, authors and create visual graphs for analysis. Export them as a report. Endless research possibilities.

(2) Access all features instantly (Initial page)

The main page has been enhanced with new features.
Search for your desired entities directly from the main page. The new side bar allow quick access to all features.

(3) Research Explorer

With Research Explorer, you can quickly narrow down your desired reading list.
Use powerful filtering capabilities to efficiently find the essential papers you need.
Whether you're unfamiliar with specific keywords or unsure about prominent authors in your field, Research Explorer can help you discover them.
Create, analyze, share, and export curated lists based on the papers that matter to you most.

Bug fixes & improvements

The issue of errors occurring when applying multiple journal filters to paper search results has been resolved.